Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen

Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen

Sea of Thieves, an action-packed adventure game developed by Rare, immerses players in a shared world where they assume the role of seafaring pirates. They journey across the ocean, explore islands, and engage in thrilling battles against other players or AI-powered vessels.

The game offers a myriad of activities such as treasure hunting, fishing, and trading. But is there a split screen feature? Let’s delve into it.

Does Sea of Thieves Support Split Screen Gameplay?

Split screen is a feature that enables two or more gamers to play together on a single console. This function is particularly beneficial for local multiplayer games, allowing multiple players to enjoy the game without needing individual consoles or game copies.

Sea of Thieves supports split screen gameplay. A single crew can accommodate up to four players exploring the world together in split-screen mode. The game also includes a voice chat feature, enabling players to communicate during gameplay.

Is Split Screen Available on PC?

Unfortunately, the split screen feature is not available for the PC version of Sea of Thieves. While the game does offer online co-op for up to four players, only the console versions support local split-screen co-op.

What is the Maximum Player Limit in Split Screen Mode?

In split screen mode, a single crew can host up to four players. Although only two players can play simultaneously, each player has their own portion of the screen. An additional player can join or exit the game at any time, up to the maximum limit of four players. This facilitates seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay.

How Does Split Screen Function in Sea of Thieves?

In split screen mode, each player controls their character or vehicle on their section of the screen. The game’s voice chat feature allows players to communicate during gameplay. All four players can board a single ship and embark on quests together, leading to some unique co-op experiences in Sea of Thieves.


Split screen mode enhances the enjoyment of Sea of Thieves, allowing up to four players to unite on the same ship. It provides unique co-op experiences that are unparalleled in other games. Even without split-screen, you can still enjoy online gameplay with up to four players or partner with solo players without any additional equipment.


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