Is Tribes Of Midgard Crossplay?

Is Tribes Of Midgard Crossplay

Tribes Of Midgard is a great action game that provides a good way for players to enjoy a survival mode with friends and partners. It is available on multiple platforms. The game developers have made sure to support every console, Xbox Series and Xbox One, and PC. Since all these platforms support Tribes of Midgrad, then what about its crossplay functionality?

With the character class system in the game, each character has its own strengths and weakness. Although Tribes of Midgard is a multiplayer game, it can be played solo too. However, playing this game solo will not be that much enjoyable. You might experience boredom.

Is Tribes Of Midgard Crossplay?

The Norsfell team is still looking into the matter but till now, crossplay in Tribes of Midgard is still in dark. So in clear words, Tribes of Midgard has no crossplay or cross-platform support even in 2023.

However, Players can join together to battle against the giants in this desired game of Midgard. Two players can join forces online or play solo to save their village from destruction. The game also supports up to 10 players in multiplayer mode, allowing for larger groups of friends or strangers to fight together against their common enemies.

Everyone is able to play together in the world of Midgard, allowing friends and partners that are on different platforms the chance to adventure together. 

But again, unfortunately, crossplay between the two consoles is not available. This means that players who own both a PS5 console and an Xbox Series X/S cannot play together in the same session. However, Norsfell Games, the developers of Tribes Of Midgard, have stated on Reddit that they are not ruling out adding cross-play in the future.

More About Tribes of Midgard

The game also offers exclusive armor and outfits to those who purchase the Deluxe Edition, which costs 98 USD. This version can be found on both the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store, as well as Epic Games’ own games store. All versions include access to all future updates and content drops from the developers, making it a great value.


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