Is Shatterline Crossplay 2023?

Is Shatterline Crossplay? – 2024 Update!

Shatterline is a free2play FPS, developed by Automaton Games and published by 505 Games. Being a competitive multiplayer shooter, Shatterline will very likely support crossplay across different platforms among many players.

Crossplay offers online gaming for players sharing systems like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This feature has become increasingly common in recent years, being supported in hit games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends.

Will Shatterline be added to this circle with full crossplay support?

In the beginning, Shatterline will support crossplay between PC and consoles. This implies that PC gamers will be able to form squads with pals who are on PlayStation or Xbox.

On the other hand, cross-progression and cross-commerce options will not be introduced at launch. This implies that, while you can play with friends in other gaming systems, your advance upgrades and acquisitions will be isolated. The developers have announced that they plan to implement account linking further on.

In summary:

– Crossplay between PC and consoles will be present at launch for Shatterline.
– You’ll be able to play together with your friends via PC, PlayStation and Xbox
– There will be no cross-progression or crosscommerce at the inception.
– Some cross-account functionality such as shared progression may be delivered at a later date.

Therefore, even though Shatterline may not have every crossplay feature from the start but being able to play with most of the major platforms will be there. This should lead to the formation of a thriving online community for the game.

It is possible that as Shatterline continues to evolve after release, they will add features such as cross-progression over time. In the meantime, though, know that you can jump into visceral FPS fightings with your friends no matter what system they play on.

Is Shatterline Crossplay?

The game has got many positive reviews for its fast-paced gameplay and diverse cast of characters. Since it has much to offer, many players want to play it together. But most have different consoles. Can players enjoy the game with their friends regardless of what platform they are playing on?

So the answer is yes. Shatterline now offers crossplay support. Below is the office tweet by Shatterline FPS. You can go through it for more info.

More About Shatterline Crossplay

Crossplay is basically a feature that allows players to play games using different gaming platforms. This means that a player playing on PS can join a game with someone playing on an Xbox or PC. Both of them can interact within the same world. Crossplay has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more games are released on multiple platforms.

It allows gamers to connect with friends who may not have the same console or computer, increasing the player pool for online matches and making it easier for people to find matches at any time of day. Many games now support crossplay, including popular titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Rocket League.

The crossplay debate surrounding Shatterline has been a hot topic among gamers since its release. Many players have been wondering if the game supports cross-platform play, which would allow them to play with friends on different consoles. 

The future of Shatterline and crossplay looks promising. With the increasing demand for crossplay games, the developers at Hi-Rez Studios are likely to continue making efforts to improve their game’s cross-platform compatibility.

This could include new game modes, maps, characters with unique abilities, and skins that players can unlock. Overall, the future of Shatterline and crossplay looks bright.


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