Fishing Planet: Is it Cross Platform

Fishing Planet: Is it Cross Platform

The thrilling World of Fishing Planet allows you to discover a true-to-life fishing simulator where you can embark on an immersive angling adventure like never before. To let you know, the game is massively multiplayer. But what about cross-platform? Does Fishing Planet support it? Let’s check it out.

For the sake of search engine’s algo, we will start with a quick intro to the game. I assure you won’t get bored. So, Developed by fishing enthusiasts, this game, as said, doesn’t compromise to bring the thrill of actual fishing to virtual environments. You can make trophy catches, explore new possibilities, skill up angling, and more.

Here are some key features:

  • Realism
  • Diverse Fishing Experience
  • Tackle and Equipment
  • Dynamic Environments
  • Complex AI System

Is Fishing Planet Cross Platform in 2023?

Players of FP can play this simulator multiplayer across various platforms, including PC and mobile devices. Cross-play is available on mobile. So, Android and iOS device owners don’t need to worry about crossplay. Players on these platforms can fish together and interact in the game’s online multiplayer environment. This feature enhances the social aspect of the game. 

Yes, Fishing Planet supports cross-platform. But wait! Here’s the twist. You can cross-platform this game with

  1. Xbox One and Windows 10
  2. Steam and Steam
  3. PS4 and PS4

Now compete with friends and fellow players regardless of the platform they are using.

With stunning eye-candy graphics and realistic hydro and aerodynamics, Fishing Planet creates an environment like real-world fishing. And now with cross-platform integration into the game, Fishing Planet becomes even more interesting.


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